Purchasing metals from companies

We purchase metals not only from private persons but we purchase scrap metal from companies. The purchased scrap metal is then sorted and processed. We provide our own technical equipment to collect the materials. We work with foundries and smelting works specializing in metal scrap processing and with other scrap metal companies.

Why choose us to purchase the metals?

  • To weigh purchased metals, we use electronic, precise, and regularly calibrated scales of weighing range from 20 to 60 tons.
  • Appropriate smaller scales are used for small amounts.
  • For bigger or regular purchases, we provide a container free-of-charge and we can offer individual prices.
  • We always pay all the invoices within 14 days.

Do you have scrap metal in your company that you need to dispose of? Contact us!

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201321. 3.

Spring: Get rid of scrap metal

Did you find scrap metal during the spring cleaning and have no clue what to do with it? Bring it to us, and we'll pay for it!

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